A frustrated person’s diary: My Stupid, lovesick sister.

Dear Diary,

My stupid sister

My stupid little sister is pathetic, stupid,  annoying, stupid, idiotic, ugly, FYNN-LOVING, and STUPID!!! (the part about the Fynn loving is true) (I know, she wrote stupid two times but she told me not to take it out so…) NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, TORI. And if you saw her ugly face, you would turn into lollipops and I will eat you up. (That’s what happens on LUNATIC ISLAND, so that was kinda non-fictional, especially about me eating you up.)

Stupid fairy stuff

Ok, so like she thinks she’s a fairy that lives in this stupid, made up place, Frostropolise And it’s so lame, she also thinks that she’s 782 for some reason, and I told her that fairies aren’t that old and they’re NOT real. Even if they were real, fairies don’t fly around with walking sticks and wrinkled skin, they’ll get their plastic surgeries done, or they’re immortal. I have no idea where she got that stupid idea of that stupid place,and how she thinks she’s a fairy, and other really stupid stuff, like ya.

Other stuff you should read

Ok so like my sister is a multi-timer and she loves Fynn the most, I think she likes almost every single guy in her grade, and maybe more than that, but I know she is more attracted to blonde people, and she is a retard. She easily gets jealous and she is really sensitive and she literally explodes when she is, so don’t talk to boys my sister knows, especially Fynn, because she’s like, obsessed with him for some reason and stuff.

Even more

So it’s like, um, TOTALLY obvious that she’s obsessed with my guy friend (You told us that.) (None of your beeswax here either.), and like, she will totally cry and pout if I tell her that he actually likes me better than her and I’m prettier, which is true, so like, when I tell her the truth about life, she will cry like a sissy and like yeah. (Darcy wrote that)

The problem is…

My mom and dad don’t even care what the heck she does and I think it’s some kind of favouritism (Is that a word?) in the family, and I’m not going to talk much about that. So yeah! my undead life totes sucks cuz shes part of it. GOSH MR FRICKIN HUNSON ABEDEER!!!ERRRRRG! (Darcy did dat 2)


So like almost everyone knows that my sister likes/loves Fynn, but she thinks no one does. I don’t understand why, WHY she likes Fynn, ’cause Fynn is a freaking idiot, well, most of the time anyways. In a really, really good way.

you all suck – fynn 🙂 SUCK
















By Marcy/Sunny (You should know by now.)

Editor’s Note:

Sorry I didn’t put the picture name thingy, still not used to mobile version. Also, sorry for this incredibly silly post, which took me days to decipher all the “txt frm”. *haha*

-Tori / Tordle


We are back!


Did you miss me? No? Okay.


Let me freak you out with Caps Lock and exclaimation marks.

Here’s  a list of stuff we’re gonna post! (Or not. Depending on the amount of time Sunny and Darcy procrastinates.)

1. A-Very-Detailed-Documentary-On-Sunny’s-Sister,-AKA Rosy,-The Idiot,-and The Stupid Idiot-About-the-Stages-of-the-Fynn-Virus-AKA Love-Sickness (Eww) by Sunny (Yep. Gotta fix that title.)

2. Book Reveiws by Tori (This is just more evidence of my lazy-ness, since it’s stuff I’ve posted on Goodreads/gonna post on Goodreads after posting here.)

3. Wonderful Magic Stuff by Darcy (You see, this means we don’t know what she’s posting yet. It might be short stories or whatever!)

Oh, and heres a haiku.


For being lazy
I am sorry, my dear friend

(I am being THAT lazy. So lazy I won’t think of anything else to fill in the last line. You guys fill it in in the comments. :P)

Hello. My friend. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chocolate and Oreos. Don’t forget Cheese.


Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays: A time I have to stay away from Blogging a bit.

Hey people! As you guys know, summer holidays are coming around for us, that also means report-card-scoldings, air-plane bookings and end-of-the-year parties at school. Deerly got her vacation early, and left for Thailand today, right after school. I know I didn’t post anything this week or these two weeks, but we’re all busy for the exams and other things that are troubling us. Ya, note that tone of voice I’m using? I’m exhausted. Well, other than that, I also bought a few things I’d share with you in a few minutes in the next post, so hang on a moment.

Since a lot of us peeps are gonna go on vacation, I think we’re gonna take some terrific pictures and stuff, as I always try to when I’m walking home alone (school’s just around the corner). Stay tuned for when-we-get-back! I’ll be sure to get you guys some good stuff! 😀


Updates and random stuff I wanted to tell you

I really don’t have anything to say.

So, I really don’t have anything to say, like I need to tell you again. So… here is what kind of shiz shaz and whataz we’re planning for Spam Mail.

We want to make a newspaper blog thingy for Spam Mail. But that would be kind off useless, won’t it? You guys tell me.

Since I’m kinda into photography right now, since I just got a new phone with a really awesome camera that can take really awesome pictures! So I might be posting some of that shiz and shaz.  Yea (‘Yea’ is my “I’m really bored and annoyed and all that negative stuff and thoughts I can type and think of” word),  I take some photos, but it’s all of boring, old, odd, peculiar and queer (Odd, Peculiar and Queer are synonyms.) blue skies and dull, white buildings that are really short for Hong Kong, and they’re just that short because I live near the old airport, thank goodness, I can then take random, blue, orange pictures of the sky. Yea, really excited. ‘Cuz I’m not really about to let anyone see my own personal stash of blue sky pictures.

Also, my friends are kind of drawing and stuff because they have a lot of time to waste, but they aren’t gonna write anything for Spam Mail right now, since they think I have enough posts, which I absolutely don’t, since I never really posted anything this week. So, we might be posting some drawn and cutified rage comics or some of their own comics based on real life. So be expecting that, I guess.

…And since I don’t have anything to post yet, I might as well go on on this post about the misery of having to type the miseries of having to type this. “Boo-Hooo!!”. Yea, I know I’m boring, Tori, but don’t boo at yourself.


Never expected me to say that much when I announced I have nothing to say. I really don’t but I just start getting in the manner of being really sarcastic to myself, then I type more, and more, and more, and more and more times infinity. Don’t get me started again.

Sincerely from,


Exchange Diary of Awesome People.

Ticklish, a little too much

Again we talk about that girl. But now were focusing on her ticklish side (Good way to annoy her though) I’m not kidding. I just touched her and she went all into that crazy ticklish mode, I think you know what I’m saying. The thing that makes her so annoying and makes us want to do a harmless retaliation is the fact that she has this major crush on this guy who she says is super cute. But I don’t see whats in her mind at this age (We’re in Grade Five going on Grade Six).  So anyway we asked him to tickle her and it was like a comedy show!!! You should have seen it because she always tries to hide her crushes but she keeps on blushing, smiling, singing (or not, we can’t tell)…. maybe what you’ll do when your crush is around or something… or something.




Edited by Tori

Exchange Diary of the most AWESOME People in the WORLD!!

Gigantic list of books I loke (Like+Love)

Let’s see how big this goes…

  1. Mysterious Benedict Society
  2. Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
  3. Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma
  4. The City of Ember
  5. Wolf Brother
  6. Warriors (All of the 6 books in the first saga, the one about cats, if you don’t know.)
  7. Warriors; The New Prophecy (All of the 6 books in the second saga.)
  8. Warriors: The Power of Three (All of all I have read.)
  9. Bluestar’s Prophecy
  10. Skyclan’s Destiny
  11. Chains
  12. Al Capone Does My Shirts
  13. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  14. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
  15. Jennifer Murdley’s Toad
  16. Juliet Dove, Queen of Love
  17. My Side of the Mountain
  18. Hatchet
  19. Maniac Magee
  20. Number the Stars
  21. Bridge to Teribithia
  22. Secret Garden
  23. The Great Ghost Rescue
  24. Adopt A Ghost
  25. Which Witch
  26. Animorphs
  27. Poppy
  28. Incantation
  29. Silver Donkey
  30. Archer’s Quest


OK, I AM spamming. Not supposed to. :/